I’ve been having more vivid dreams lately. And they are mostly anxiety dreams. Anxiety about being on stage and not knowing my lines or having a dance performance and not knowing the choreography. Last night I dreamt about being back at school and then being stuck there waiting for my Mum to finish teaching. Weird. […]

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Kathak. I bet you haven’t heard that word before? Kathak is a form of indian classical dance. It involves stomping footwork, intricate hand gestures and swinging arm movements. I quite like it. I’ve been learning the art form for 6 months now…I think. Wow how time flies. I’ve been shifted up into a higher class […]

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Waste no More

I am downsizing. I do not own that much but upon going to visit a beautiful island nation, that has a rubbish problem, I have decided to reduce my waste! I went to the local library and serendipitously found a book entitled “Zero Waste Home”. Reading this tale has inspired me! And so I am […]

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An anxious mind have I Though I wish it wasn’t so It speaks to me throughout the day In voices mean and tones so low It makes me fret about all things Big or small, of consequence or no And then it stays and watches and waits For the next opportunity to derail my fate […]

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Go and Make Merry

How to write honestly without offending someone? Oh stuff it, in the world of political correctness overload and god forbid we should say something that might offend someone, I say fuck it all. Perhaps reading that book “The Subtle art of not giving a fuck” might come in handy. I’m pissed off. Well reasonably mad. […]

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