Lucky Girl

I feel like the luckiest girl in the world today. I’m putting into practise new healthier habits – a calm, healthy morning routine which starts the night before – mindful eating, fresh bed sheets, winding down with a good book, stretches and an early bed time. Then in the morning – coffee swapped for mint tea with apple cider vinegar, yoga then breakfast – THEN getting to all those emails, calls and ‘grown-up’ stuff. This morning wasn’t a hundred percent. I had the tea, but also checked emails, made breakfast, ‘made’ lunch (slow cooker! I’m so excited to see the results!) did annoying ‘grown-up’ stuff whilst having breakfast THEN did yoga. But at least I’ve got all the parts, I just need to get them in the right order.

I wasn’t sure what to have for breakfast and it needed to be fast – I wanted to get out of the house and do some writing before a meeting this afternoon. So the IQS book came out!

Breakfast – Snickery Mud Smoothie (or something like that)

1 handful of spinach
1 Tbsp of protein powder
1 Tbsp organic crunchy peanut butter
1.5Tbsp cacao
1/2 cup mashed pumpkin
1/2 cup milk (any kind – I used a bit of coconut and lactose free full cream! Never skim! It’s full of sugar and actually makes you fatter!)
1/2 tsp cinnamon, ground ginger and nutmeg (I used more!)
A few ice-cubes if you desire (I just used a small amount of water)
I think that was it! NOW BLEND! Serves 2. Was chocolatey delicious!

After breakfast it was time to stretch and de-stress. Yoga really helped ground me and cleared my head and the natural anxiety I seem to carry. Looking up to the blue sky with skimming white clouds just made me melt! So very relaxing, the birds on the breeze, being out in the fresh air. I really am SO BLESSED! After packing my lunch -4 leftover vegie patties with rocket, coconut cream and tahini dressing I was ready to go!

A ride to the city library was refreshing and fun and upon arriving in the city I realised that its the farmers markets today! I strolled past so many delicious tables of food – so tempting! What caught my eye were home baked ultra indulgent looking muffins, lamingtons and cupcakes! WOW they were huge! And they appeared quite mushy, rich, flavoursome! They even had GF options, BUT I quickly had to walk away, DRAG myself away haha. I’m on this quest! Its unfortunate though that sugar does disrupt the digestive system, otherwise I might never quit it! But perhaps it is a good thing that it does, because we all know it ain’t good for us!

Walking into the library I was eager to get my book! I had come to pick up a copy of Mark Sisson’s book “The Primal Blueprint” and its always been loaned out! I’m an actor and work casual jobs to make ends meet, so before I buy this book I wanted to read it a bit, I don’t have a lot of money to throw around, but health is important so I’m willing to make the investment if I think its worth it. I headed straight for the health section and the book was still there! SCORE! Some other books on herbal medicine caught my eye and whilst flicking through these I noticed Sarah Wilson’s IQS book and Wheat Belly! What a lucky find! Usually these have always been borrowed out, but today they are mine MOAHAH! So yes I’m feeling quite the lucky gal. Gonna get so much health reading into me!

The one thing I learnt yesterday, which really has cemented into my brain is the 80% diet and 20% exercise fact. I guess for some reason I always thought EXERCISE – EXERCISE – EXERCISE – then diet. Maybe thats just the way I wanted it to be, because I’ve always loved eating and I’d developed some nasty emotional eating habits. If I could still eat willy nilly without thinking about how much or how often I ate (cause it’s usually healthy food – just in large quantities and some more then others – think cheese!) I could just exercise it off later right? Exercise would be the great equaliser. But apparently its not. WHAAAA?? I know my mouth also dropped open in shock.

“We do it for well-being, not weight loss! Exercise for weight loss is not effective. We are not designed to lose weight from working out. Instead, think of reduced stress, fresh skin, better agility and a dose of vitamin D as your motivators”

and here

So yesterday when I didn’t do my weights exercises I didn’t feel so guilty! M body was quite sore and I hadn’t had a good nights sleep, so I decided to only exercise a little. I went to a ballet class which was good, but I tend to only feel warmed up and ready when the class is nearly finished! Which is a shame. My knees have been hurting too so I didn’t want to go too hard – I read on Marksdailyapple last night that eating gelatine can help with sore joints – hence my slow cooker experiment! (

I also I noticed in class that I was trying to improve my shocking turnout by turning from the ankle and knee joints – which is a sure way to damage them! I am embarrassed that my turn out is well…not a turn out at all! Whilst so many women seem to have amazeballs turn-outs – even the very newbies! A good ballet turn out comes from flexibility in the hips/groin – the whole leg rotates out, not just some parts of it! So having a ‘good’ turnout in ballet for an hour is not worth sacrificing my knee health for a lifetime. Now I know that I just need to work on stretching and strengthening my hip joints! Dancing is amazing and I feel its nourishing for my body, mind and soul, but as in all physical activities you have to be careful and take care of yourself! You can’t be perfect, its impossible, take care of your body and it will soar in its own unique way!

After my ballet class and a good stretch, more mint tea and a satisfying dinner (plus more eggs and tuna!) I was all set. I hadn’t pushed myself crazy in my movement for the day and I didn’t feel like I was going to suddenly get fat because I had skipped doing weights! I liked this feeling. I feel more in-control of my life too, not just my exercise and eating routine, but my mental health as well. I don’t feel like I’m running crazy all day, hyped up on anxiety, coffee and cortisol. I feel ‘grounded’. Yes that word is thrown around a lot but really just spend some time lying on the grass, staring at the clouds and feeling the earth beneath your body and you will understand what I mean. A calmness in the mind.

This health focus is also helping me career wise too. I applied for a few auditions this morning, which is a good step to do every day! I’m also going to start working on a play for a local festival today and of course keep up my dance training. Feeling healthy and happy clears up your energy to focus on things that are important. Having a clearer mind keeps you on track and thinking positively about what you want. You feel it is possible to reach your goals and you make strides towards it! This is great!
I’m really happy with the progress I’ve made, it’s only day one though so life is still to throw some curveballs I’m sure, but with new habits forming I can hit them outa the park! Now that I have started I don’t want to stop. Sticking to good habits leads to the kind of life I want to lead. A life of calm, balance, health, joy, optimism, purpose and fun!

How are you going in your quests?

seeforevergirl x


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