Life’s Curveballs Test One

Withdrawals most foul!

Yesterday I wrote about what an exciting and productive day I had, that I had started new habits and was confident I could succeed in the face of life’s curveballs. Hello curveballs, they have arrived (or I brought them on ever so slightly). My first mistake was to stay up till 2:00am watching FRIENDS (damn that show is good and addictive). I had also slept weirdly the night before and my neck was sore – that manifested in a headache, which I think was also brought on by carrying an extremely heavy backpack (library books, flask of tea/water, laptop!) on my back whilst riding my bike and of course the good ol one – bad posture and anxiety. Oh woe is me! ūüėõ PLUS I think my body is angry at me – no coffee, no caffeine hit – NOT HAPPY JAN!

Meeting up with a friend today I felt like I had been drinking the night before! Talk about not enough sleep/sore neck/no coffee hangover! I tried to stay strong – I had a organic hot cocoa and had to be insistent that I didn’t want ANY sweeteners added – no not even coconut sugar (still sugar guys‚Ķ) I hoped the caffeine in the cacao would help with my slight withdrawals but alas it did not. The headache increased in ferocity. FRICK. When tired and in pain I tend to think less about the consequences of my actions and just do whatever the heck I want! So I had a coffee – the first frothy sip was delicious, but turned a bit¬†ordinary after about 4 sips! Finishing the cup I felt dry – dehydrated. Quickly re-hydrated with water! (which I dont drink enough of).¬†I know I said I was quitting, but damn this is hard! The headache quickly dissipated too mind you‚Ķso I’m sure it was mostly withdrawals. Darn. But luckily tomorrow is another day to try again! This time I will go to bed before 12am, do some neck stretches, yoga and sleep with a warm pack on my neck. I’m sure that will help immensely!

I haven’t done yoga yet today and I can feel the difference. I didn’t have such a calming start to my day as I did yesterday and I feel slightly more anxious, these healthy habits really do make a difference. I’ve got a long boring day at ‘work’ tomorrow so I will have to be get to bed early so I can wake and do my morning routine.

Morning Routine
-Apple cider vinegar in mint tea (or green tea – caffeine!)
– 15 min yoga session
– Slow, mindful eating of my nutritious breakfast
– And then on my way!

Lunch today was – 1 medium spaghettied zucchini, olives, tuna, tomato and rocket, with coconut and tahini dressing – YUM!
But it didn’t keep me full for long, 2 hours later I was starving! Topped up with more tuna and green beans. Can’t wait to tuck into my second lamb shank tonight! I’m counting my carbs though – I want to keep them low as I eat way¬†too many! The two hot milky drinks was 24grams of carbs BIG FAT SIGH.

Eating a low carb diet really doesn’t take up a lot¬†of calories, but I’m finding it difficult to keep my carbs under 80grams per day. A medium sized banana (185g with skin, 18cm – LOL how accurate thanks for converting that seeforevergirl!) has 27grams of carbs (105 cal). That’s kinda a lot for one piece of fruit. Balls.

If you want to know why I’m counting carbs – read this:

Apparently these options are also low carb! What’s that? MORE vegetables..and then some leaves n shiz‚Ķ.weird haha. I shall fill myself on leaves haha (wait spinach‚Ķ) Sorry I just saw myself eating tree leaves, mind of a crazy creative!

But now I must love and leave you as I have some important weights to push! I’m only going to do 30min of weights as I want to keep things do-able! With my busy life and being moderately active (riding my bike, dancing) I don’t always have the energy to do HUGE workouts! Plus apparently they are not as good as you would think‚Ķcheck this out –

Plus this page¬†links to SO MUCH MORE that I don’t even have time to read right now! SO much to learn!

Also before I bid you aduie I’d also like to say¬†I’m on a mission for my acting goals! Applying for workshops with renowned teachers and pushing to get work and get my work made!! If you want something bad enough, you will work your butt off to get it! You just have to believe it is possible! Go get em tiger!!

seeforevergirl x



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