Creamy – Dreamy Nutty- Meaty

Waking up in a Funk

Hello…I’m not really sure what to write about today. One of my housemates is having a ‘funk’ kind of get together and I totally forgot it was on! Feeling kinda awkward after my big nap waking to a bunch of funky fro’s! (haah that sounds seedy) So I was making nachos in the kitchen with people dressed up in 70’s funky gear (looking amazing! Think fro’s, pimped outfits!) and I’m like “oh hey…” wearing sweatpants and a big pink winter jacket. I’m a bit shy when it comes to people I don’t know, when it comes to parties I forgot about in my own home…cue awkward! So I’m being super anti-social and writing my blog for today! It needs to get done!

butters-pimp-party Do you know what I am saying?
I had another coffee today. Blah. Here’s my bad excuse. I had ‘training’ for work (my second job when I don’t have acting gigs) and I had a huge headache – waking up with weirded out neck muscle a few days ago and tension across my back made it worse, the small heat pack I have hadn’t helped either, so the prospect of sitting in a room full of people learning about ‘stuff-that-is-not-applicable-to-my-job-at-all’ whilst having a big headache that made the words in-front of me blur filled me with extreme glee…


Don’t get me wrong, I love learning but when you are pretty much told to just tick box A or box B – whichever one the government stipulates and to not think for yourself, it gets quite mundane. Parroting what you are told doesn’t make for actual learning! The way the law and the government is really reiterates some of the conversations I’ve had with my sister about the government and our world. There is something very wrong with the way its run. There are so many ‘laws’ in place that are meant to ‘protect’ people, that we now barley think for ourselves and more of our freedoms are impeded upon. Its like the government is saying –

‘We have all the right answers, a round peg for a round hole. Don’t think for yourself, just do what we tell you, even if it doesn’t make sense, even if it takes away what makes us human. You don’t have the answers’


In the ‘test’ we had to complete at the end of the five hour session (which was an open book test) we couldn’t even put in our own answers, our own speech if you know what I mean? The wording had to almost be exactly the same as the answers in the book, almost word for word…since when is life and an individual ever so black and white? All these techniques we are taught, step for step plans with grandiose terms and technical explanations, no one is going to remember them in a crisis! It actually makes me laugh when I see safety plans in a building – step by step instructions on what to do if there is a flood, a fire, an earthquake or a bomb threat.

Just imagine that there has just been an earthquake and amid the turmoil, rubble and screams Super-Suzy get’s everyones attention and saves the day by running to the safety plans for the building and reading the contents – ‘Excuse me! Everyone! This manual tells us what to do in an earthquake. Everyone stay calm. Now let’s all listen to step One…” Like COME ON! This is real life!! No one has the time to go through the book, this isn’t theory this is practise! Or do they memorise the book? I guess that’s where fire drills come in handy, at least it might help….perhaps I just have an over active imagination :S


Ridiculous government rules and headaches aside I enjoyed listening to the other people’s stories, ideas and opinions about issues and conflicts at their work and how they dealt with them. I’m sure glad I don’t work with the kind of people they do, but at the same time I admire them for their patience, strength and love they manifest in their jobs. I don’t think I could do it, its much to stressful. But I guess it must be rewarding personally, because it’s extremely regulated and difficult, yet they continue to do it year after year!

Morning Glories?

I didn’t stick to my morning routine as I hadn’t give myself enough time. The most I could do was have my mint tea with apple cider vinegar. Breakfast was this odd, chocolatey yet yum smoothie thing –

Chia Seed Chocolate Smoothie
2 Tbsp of chia seeds soaked overnight in water
1 tsp coconut milk/cream
1 Tbsp coconut flakes
1 tsp tahini
1/2 medium turnip
Cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg spices
1 Tbsp cacao
About 1/4 cup mashed pumpkin

Blitz it all together and enjoy! – Though I do think the Snickery Mud smoothie thing from the I Quit Sugar website was much tastier!

Lunch was –

Leftover Lamb Shank Salad
1/2 lamb shank diced
1 roma tomato diced
Big handful of rocket
Big handful of green beans diced
4 olives diced
1 tsp olive oil
Salt n pepper

Although drinking green tea and peppermint at the workshop and enjoying this salad I was already hungry when I got home! I guess I need to have bigger lunches! A quick note about the coffee – I felt thirsty when I woke up but only had the mint tea. After drinking the coffee my mouth felt extremely dry and I felt even more thirsty! Coffee just dehydrates you! It’s so hard to quit. But I don’t want to make more excuses. It didn’t take away my headache. A warm water bottle on my sore muscles did and a big nap! Tomorrow its green tea all the way!

14c408f3babf11b14d8f4bc97da38834 I want to find this and LOVE IT!

Weekend Bender (usually a weekend of unhealthy eating – but now changing le habits!)

This is what I had for dinner! –
SO excited that I made my own CHIPS! That’s right I made my very own Nacho-Ish chips! I just LOVE this website and what Sarah Wilson and the gals/guys have done for the world of health, yummy eating and kitchen creations of amazingness!


Now for the actual nachos part of the meal (toppings etc) I halved the chips (which was more then they suggested as a serving but OH WELL – I didn’t roll the chips thin enough I think – I need to buy a rolling pin, I didn’t even realise I didn’t have one, nor have I had to use one since moving out of home –  so I had to use a thick glass carefully)

Creamy, Dreamy, Nutty, Meaty Nacho Delight! (it tastes like it sounds!)
1. Bake the chips according to the recipe link above
2. Whilst they are baking (about 15min) take 100grams of organic mince meat and heat in a pan on low heat, add oregano/basil (flakes or fresh) and a bottle cap of apple cider vinegar plus pepper. I didn’t use any extra oil for cooking – the meat is oily enough to not stick if you have a non-stick pan (Non-stick I think is not very healthy, so I’d love to invest in a cast-iron pan one day when house sharing is no more!)
3.Meanwhile take 1 small to medium zucchini and spaghetti it using a twisty spaghetti thingo – such as this one:
-Google to see where you can get one! Or let me know if you have a better/easier to use one then this!

4. Dice 1 roma tomato and 4 kalamati olives
5. Grate 1/4 to 1/2 cup of cheddar cheese (depends if you’re wanting to watch your weight or cheese it up!)
6. Take about 1/4 cup of mashed pumpkin (or more I was guestimating) and add 1/4 tsp chilli powder, 1 tsp of tahini and pepper – mix
7. Halve 1 small/medium avocado – mash one half with some freshly squeezed lemon juice

The chips should be done by now! (About 15 min – keep an eye on them they burn easily!)

8. Remove chips from oven and brake into pieces (following the grooves you already cut in them!) and place them on a plate.
9. Grab as many/little/half of the chips as you want and place back on the baking tray with the baking paper
10. Place half the spaghettied zucchini on top of the chips, then the tomato and olives, evenly smooth over the pumpkin mixture, then the mince (I halved the mince) then the cheese.
11. Place the other half of the zucchini on the side of the nachos and pop the whole lot back in the oven until the cheese has melted (I halved the zucchini as I thought it was too much for the set of chips etc – but makes for a nice side vegie to the nachos)
12. Remove from oven once cheese has melted – top with the avocado and a few tsp of coconut cream! BOOM

Since I am trying to avoid eating grains (which apparently corn is) and since I did some research on how incredibly calorie crazy corn chips are (50 grams is over 200 calories for something that’s not nutritious and leaves you just wanting more!) I decided to make these chips, plus I’m trying to tone up, live healthier and be at my optimum health and remember 20% of our body composition is due to exercise – a whopping 80% is diet! So diet is SO important! (I don’t want to count calories forever though, but it helps put food energy into perspective for me, for now!)


After eating these ‘chips’ and nachos I felt full, satiated and satisfied! Usually my nacho creation would leave me wanting to scoff down the rest of the packet (all 200 grams of crap!) But this time, oddly enough I didn’t want to. I mean the temptation is still there to eat a whole bag of corn chips, but it’s certainly less…

Well I need to hit the ol hay for I have another busy day tomorrow! A coffee free green tea induced day! How have you all been going on your health quests? I hope well. It is SUPER easy to fall back into old habits and starting new ones are harder then I thought – but if there’s a will there’s a way! I haven’t done any exercise today, so I kind of feel guilty about that :S Perhaps some light stretching before bed will be best! Now for a semi-early night, it all starts the night before!

seeforevergirl x


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