The Farm of Eating Habits (damn these nuns!)


Hello. I went to a place which I thought was a farm today, I was disappointed to discover it was not a farm, although it had quite a lovely cafe (though too trendy/rich for my taste…but not tastebuds!) DAMN the Lamb green curry I had was DELICIOUS.

I am writing this blog in a tired haze. Too much to do, not enough time. Story of our lives. Here is a short recap and I will write more when I have slept.

The Fall of the Horse
I fell off the horse this weekend (metaphorically). I began ok by making my own chips Friday night (almond meal + egg) whats not to love. Saturday I was sleep deprived and cranky so I gave in to having a caramel slice and coffee, plus Indian take out for dinner. Sunday morning I only had a coffee for breakfast, then that delicious lamb curry thang, another coffee with macadamia milk (interesting, palatable, might make my own) and 2 gluten free friands (fancy french term for delicious cupcakey thing). I ended the night with making nachos anyway (from bought chips) and eating lots of it. Darn. Big fat darn. So I went and broke all my ‘rules’ this weekend – sugar, chips, carbs, coffee, the whole freaking lot.

I guess restricting yourself the whole week, well, a girl can only hold out so much. Hmm. I must find a solution to my eating habits. It is a habit to eat craze-ily on the weekend, a habit to drink coffee everyday, a habit to go to bed really late and a habit to not get enough sleep, skip exercise, emotionally eat and over eat. I need to replace my bad habits with good habits and to change my thinking. Thats the whole gist of it, changing my thinking.

seeforevergirl x


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