Time Warp Dance

(Note: I had to publish this a day late – was doing a friend a favour and worked all day/night!)

Today has been hectic! From one appointement to another RACE RACE RAT RACE.

Sigh. I’m so glad that I can escape to the ‘country’ tomorrow. I’m off to check out a farm where all their produce is spray and chemical free, though I feel like I will be racing to get there as well. I barley have time to write my blog today.

I felt super cranky today, not sure why, perhaps because I am cutting down on the le carbs? (I realise I was cranky because I was sleep deprived). I was craving a gluten free, sugar free, raw caramel slice and coffee, so I went and bought one…I’m not so good at resisting am I? I’m also having Indian take-out for dinner, but at least not the rice! (I had some rice haha) The caramel slice was WAAAAY to sweet though, I had to gulp down my coffee to reduce the sweetness, which didn’t make for slow, mindful savour the flavour eating. Stress – time short-sugar hit eating. Not good.

This is the thing. Although these ‘healthy’ alternative slices may not be using pure can sugar, they still utilise sugar in another form – maple syrup and a heap load of dates. According to Sarah Wilson and the team at I Quit Sugar, maple syrup and dates are still full on with fructose! (which apparently helps you put on weight, as in you get fat)

OLD HABITS die hard
Anyway my bad habits have come back full swing, WACK – baseball bat of bad habits in my face! Getting to bed too late and then not having enough sleep. 6-7 hours per night just isn’t good enough – plus it sets me up for making wee lapses in judgement – I get irritable and then I crave sugar/carby foods and then my self-control wavers, I want to make myself feel better too, which I think the sugar/carb food will, thus I eat the sugary carby food! And then usually feel a bit guilty (but I’m working on that whole ‘guilt about food’ thang). So in a nutshell, sleep deprivation is bad for me!

Dozing off at work?
Interesting tid-bit on stress eating and sleep deprivation – http://dailyburn.com/life/health/how-to-stop-stress-eating/

When it comes to not getting enough sleep, one could say most of the western world doesn’t get the average amount of amazing sleep that one needs. Apparently that’s a good ol 8 hours of before 12am sleep. I usually get 7 hours, sometimes 6.5. Those 6.5 days are really bad though. We take sleep deprivation as a ‘normal’ thing in life, there just isnt enough time in the day to get everything done, so we cut out sleep and use caffeine to get us going through the day. Not so great for the ol cortisol levels is it! No wonder we are so stressed out. Cortisol is a stress hormone – and increases when you drink coffee…which just makes you more stressed (http://www.precisionnutrition.com/coffee-and-hormones) and I reckon stress/cortisol and too much sugar does lead to the ol weight around the tummy!

A ‘healthy’ dose of confusion

Anyway just Googling all the different health theories, studies and names of hormones and things is making my mind spin! There is SO SO SO much to learn and so much we don’t know as human beings, just about ourselves, the human body, let alone the world or how we got here…sigh. Its kind of scary. One person says “sugar is bad” another says “sugar is good!” one says “no coffee” another says “coffee is ok!” one says “low carb!” another says “you need carbs!”…I’m so utterly confused. There’s this research paper and that research paper, one scientist says this another says the opposite. Who on earth do we believe?

All this is making me feel more stressed, which isn’t what I need. Ok breath. Wow one big breath did help! Go with your gut, your instinct, do what you feel is right for YOU. That is what I am sensing I have to do for me right now. And definitely a good nights sleep!

seeforevergirl x


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