Stop Doing Stupid Things

Doing Dumb Shite 

Like all humans I am really good at making stupid choices, yes really dumb expletives. This weekend was one of them and in particular yesterday. I woke this morning in a more then usual groggy haze, a troubled, irritable sticky feeling that took the whole day to unstick, lingering till about 2 hours ago. I had eaten 2 friands – not sugar free and then the same night decided that “stuff it I only live once!” and so made myself a bowl of ‘nachos’. Now the nachos weren’t SUCH a bad thing, though ideally I’d like to be eating no grains (and not deep fried grains either) but the friands and the two coffees I had? Bad choices. Sugar is a freaking evil beast. I know people who aren’t super ‘into’ health would think I am being rather ridiculous and over the top and too hard on myself, but this to me is really important, not only because its healthy for my body, but also for my mind – for my mood! Too often we separate body from mind when really our body is our mind and our mind our body. Think about it. We have feelings and thoughts which are produced by physical THINGS in our bodies – cells, hormones – all of that technical jazz I’m not an expert on, but I do know this – it’s all connected, it would be ridiculous to think its not! So its no wonder I woke up in a foggy, crappy haze! You see when my body and mind is healthy I am productive and happy, I achieve what I set out to achieve! And to me that is REALLY important. A wasted life is NOT what I want.

So the Sugar Thang

After I had eaten my nachos – which were extremely delicious and filling mind you – I wanted more. I wasn’t craving broccoli or pak choy, I wanted CARBS! So I went to the kitchen and told myself I would only eat a few more corn chips – another handful. After that was consumed, for some reason I decided it was a good idea to keep eating. There was left-over rice from the previous nights take away and the sauces from the curries and I had at them! By this time it was around 1am, brain power wavering, decision making capabilities faltering. Its common knowledge that the more tired people get the less wise decisions they make!

The whole time I was thinking “I’m going to regret this later! All my hard work down the drain!” but for some reason I couldn’t say no. I ate at least a cup of rice (if not more) plus all the sauce from the Lamb Palak (which I’m sure wasn’t a vegetable) I then began on the Mango chicken – which was LADEN with sugar – it had dried mango pieces in there and we all know that is a sugar nightmare. I had about a tablespoon of that and it was SO SWEET, it was almost gross. But my tastebuds adjusted within the second and I just wanted more of it…freaking crazy. Another mid mouthful of sweet gooey mango rice and I thought “what the hell am I doing?!”. I spat it out (yup I spat it in the bin – it’s pretty much just sugary dried fruit and my body deserves better!) and threw out the mango chicken and put away the rice (I’m hopeless at wasting what I deem as still edible food – someone in the house will eat the rice!). What the hell had I just done?

Sugar loves Sugar!

Sugar makes you want to eat more sugar and eat more junk! ie my crazy carb frenzy late at night. I had forgotten that one little rule (I often forget things I learn, perhaps willingly so I can have an excuse to go and do stupid things again and say “oh I just forgot!” but no more forgetting, sugar is the devil haha…but yeah…devil.) Yesterday I was still under the illusion that sugar is just ‘kinda bad’ for you…it’s ok to indulge in it every once in a while, right? Wrong. NO. No really, its freaking really bad for you…

Read this and click the links and read more – be informed so you don’t make stupid choices! Or at least make the choices knowingly….I don’t like the fact that sugar and coffee controls me like this, so it’s time to cut the crap!

The Symptoms of the Evil One
I’m skeptical at best when it comes to ‘scientific’ studies (too many variables, people not testing things adequately, etc…I’ll talk more on this some other time – for now if you’re interested read this article on just how screwy ‘science’ can get!

But one thing that I believe without a doubt is that sugar really isn’t good for you. Whenever I eat it (and I mean WHENEVER without fail) I get a sore throat and the slight symptoms of a cold. That means that my immune system’s resistance has been lowered – which sugar does. My immune system is shaky at best due to having Irritable Bowel Syndrome and that’s kinda crap for me – in more ways then one!

Check out this post from MarksDailyApple on the gut and immune system –

In the Bowels of the Thing
Apparently 70% of our immunity comes from the gut, which would explain why my immune system isn’t tip top and why it falls over when I eat sugar. It’s also part of my health quest to fix my Irritable Bowel Syndrome, which after many years of suffering and doing my own research, I believe I can! (still working on it). So yes eating sugar lowers your immune systems defences, it also makes you store fat and it makes you want to eat more!

Carby Friends and Dopamine

Apparently carbs releases dopamine into the body ie the happy hormone. As someone who has depression from time to time, I crave carbs/sweets when I am feeling down. Last night I was kinda feeling down and perhaps thats why I reached for the ol carb as well. All in all I think its a mix of all of the below:

Lack of sleep = wise decision making capabilities lowered
Eating sugar = wanting to eat MORE sugar and food in general
Feeling a bit blah = oh hello carbs which make me feel happier for a short time
Habit = mindless eating on the fly ‘just cause I feel like it’

I do this often I have realised, mindless eating. Perhaps I don’t feel 100% satiated, or I haven’t chewed my food – I’ve kinda just shovelled it in and haven’t tasted or savoured the food (mindFUL eating) or I am stressed or anxious, or maybe bored or avoiding something, so I go to the fridge and eat! It’s a habit that I’m working on changing.

For now I have to do the smart thing and go to bed so I can get 7.5 hours of sleep. I was aiming for 8 of course, but I need to plan things better! I hope this entry wasn’t too much of an info overload, there’s just so much to talk about and learn! Till tomorrow!

seeforevergirl x


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