At least its not crack

I didn’t get enough sleep and my nasal passages disagree with me quite fervently. The feeling of being slightly sick. Lethargy, swollen glands under the jaw, blocked nose, dragging oneself up the steps as if a dying moth to it’s last flame. ALAS…poor girl, I knew her well. Irritability sets in, wanting to eat everything in sight also comes into play…well really just not wanting to make food and so being tempted to eat copious amounts of easy to reach nuts and fruit instead. I was able to batter away the nuts (haha that sounds so wrong) and only have a small handful of cashews and some mashed pumpkin for an afternoon snack…along with a coffee. The bitch has me I SWEAR its all emotional.


Though my wiser self knows that it’s not just emotional, its physical, which is emotional, which is physical. Where did the chicken begin with the egg crossing the road? Is there some kind of “I Quit Coffee” eight week plan I can join? A support group? A mentor? Someone to hit me with a stick every time I go to drink coffee? Haha. That would be funny. But no there isn’t. It’s not like it’s crack or something. Boy I DO NOT want to know what its like to stop trying to smoke crack…(I had to google just exactly how/what crack is and how its consumed…scary…) OK so I am much happier that I’m only addicted to coffee. YAY!

Last time I quit coffee (which was at least 3 years ago – so my dependancy has grown no doubt!) it was quite difficult. I was still studying at University and we all know what coffee addicts these kids are! Everywhere there’s freaking latte, cappuccino, mocha-vanilla-extra-shot-decaf-skim-milk-flat-white drinking trendy pants teenie-bobber or whatever they call themselves these days and you just cant escape the aroma of the bean floating from every corner of the campus, because literally every corner of the campus has a cafe with a big sign saying “BUY COFFEE – PASS THIS SEMESTER”.

I’m not sure how I did it. Oh yes, now it all comes back. I just freaking sucked it up and put on my big girl panties and quit, cold turkey.


I googled image “A turkey wearing underwear” and this came up. ITS THE BEST THING I’V SEEN ALL DAY! HAHAH – completley unrelated, apart from the fact that he has an awesome squat! Those hip flexors must be supple!
OMG he is a blogger too! I LOVE THIS MAN!

ANYWAAAY back to my story

I took a flask of green tea to uni and drank it religiously. I felt kind of ‘special’ – ‘organised’ taking out my flashy green flask and pouring myself a hot steaming cup of…jo….green tea into that tiny little lid/cup (it’s so cute and handy! And warm. It really does help in those cold winter months).  I remember walking past the cafe to the library and smelling the roasting of deliciousness early in the cold morning and how damned difficult it was for me to resist. Finally inside the library one would think the brown bean wouldn’t stalk further, but how wrong you could be! The smell was ever near as every caffeine induced late nighter and early riser was there, paper cup in hand, sipping the intoxicating dark liquid. (FRICK! Writing about coffee as ‘delicious’ and ‘intoxicating’ really isn’t helping me!). OK green tea time!

tumblr_m9hcaqBYNg1qioz10o1_500 I’m not sure if all of these are true. but I’m going to just reason they are and drink the stuff. I find going straight to the hard stuff aka JUST green tea a bit difficult on the ol palate, so I opt for green tea with jasmine petals…yes literal bits of the princess Jasmine from Aladdin. She is tasty. (HA!) I also add chunks of fresh ginger when I am sick or just feel like an extra zing! And recycle the bag! aka after the one cup re-use it for another, the good ol green tea has a strong taste my friends, why waste good money?


Quitting the Dark Liquid

I got through quitting it last time, I just actually HAVE TO DO IT and STOP BACKING OUT ON MY PROMISES CAPITAL LETTERS. It took a LOT of self-control last time but I did it. As time passed (the first 3 weeks was hellish) things became easier. I could smell coffee and not want it (as much). I do remember that I engaged in a lot of positive self-talk when it came to coffee – “You don’t actually need it” – “It’s not really good for you” – “It’s empty energy, it really doesn’t give your body anything!” – “ITS JUST BAD OK!?”. One day I decided that I now had a grip on le coffee and decided to have a cup. It tasted gross, quite gross. ‘How on earth had I been addicted to this in the first place?’ I thought. But one cup was all it took (now it sounds like crack). I then wanted another and another and eventually I was bathing in the stuff…Ok I was just back to my one cup a day habit, sometimes two. I guess it shows that coffee really IS an addictive substance and you can never really have ‘control’ over it. If you feel you NEED that one cup a day, then it’s an addiction. Want versus need.

‘I need coffee to get me through the day’ versus ‘I want coffee today cause it tastes nice and I feel like it’. There is a big difference. It’s kinda like relationships (HAHA – comparing coffee to relationships…). It troubles me when people say ‘I really need to have a boyfriend/girlfriend/partner in my life!’ or someone that can’t seem to just be single for long periods of time (3 months doesn’t count…its a freaking flash in the pan people). It’s as if the word SINGLE somehow makes them want to shit their pants. Perhaps sometimes it is difficult for people to be in their own company, with their own thoughts, perhaps that is when the monsters or insecurity come out to play, but once you love yourself and enjoy your own company – SINGLE is freaking amazing. It’s a bloody good break! And I seem to achieve my best being single. I love single (can you tell I’m single?) haha. I’ve been my most happiest being single. Actually now being in my later-ish twenties (OH DEAR LORD I’M STARTING TO TALK LIKE AN OLD LADY!) I feel so much more comfortable, confident and happy with myself. That’s something to look forward to kids, not hating yourself…as much…it’s still a work in progress!

Pee break and MORE green tea break

Alright I was wrong – don’t re-use your tea bag haha I’m using Dilmah green tea and jasmine and it just tastes like water…ick. Here’s some interesting reading from guess whO!? MarksDaily! On tea and whether or not one just be ‘tea-ing’. My interest radar has also pinged because he mentions a post on coffee which I will now peruse! Who knows it might just help give me that last little incentive to kick the coffee habit for good!

I CAN Quit, so WHY don’t I?

I guess the truth is my coffee consumption is minimal – if you look at coffee consumption as a whole within the population. One cup a day really isn’t that much. Right now the benefits are outweighing the drawbacks for me – at the moment. I think once I’ve researched a bit deeper into this dark bitter cup I might not enjoy what I find.


For now I bid you a-due and hope you are all pursuing a healthier and happier life through daily practise of positive habits and lifestyle changes! It sure is a challenge, but we shall get there!

seeforevergirl x


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