Good Poops and Sauerkraut

It reads Sour – Crout?

I bought sauerkraut the other day, its ‘Polish’ apparently (says the bottle – it spake unto me!) I have heard it be spoken (not from the bottle this time) that fermented vegetables are good for your health, for your ‘gut health’ in particular…perhaps your ‘hippi-ish’ friend has casually remarked about gut health thus:

“I’m gonna make some sauerkraut so I can get some good gut bacteria going! Want any?” and you’ve politely declined the thought of anything with ‘bacteria’ in it.

bratwurst-with-sauerkraut (I like this picture – the sausage looks funny – sauerkraut is the stuff UNDER the sausage)

What is this?

Sauerkraut, GUT bacteria? What is all this, you may be asking? If you aren’t familiar with what sauerkraut is or how it relates to gut bacteria then listen up! Sauerkraut is just fermented cabbage. Not terribly exciting, but whats exciting is the super good things that come from fermentation (plus its super tasty! Yup I didn’t like it at first but DAMN it adds a nice zing to food!) I’m not going to list the good things here cause Sarah has already done that and it’s bloody late and I’m tired! haha


What I will tell you is that my gut is bad, not bad ass (though you know, that does happen) but bad as in the gut bacteria in there isnt functioning as it should – and if you didn’t know it you get good bacteria and bad bacteria in the gut. I don’t completley understand IBS and nor does the medical profession (yet we put so much trust in them…..hmm) but I do believe that bad gut bacteria – or lack of enough good bugs is to blame for the ailment. It only makes sense. Why else would one have trouble digesting certain foods that the majority of the population thrive on? Non-sensical!

Read this post on gut health for answers:

IBS – Impassible Bloody Stool (its actually Irritable Bowel Syndrome but acronyms are fun!)

When I was first diagnosed with IBS I wasn’t actually told anything. Apparently my gut was fine physically…a few years later after more intense suffering I finally I found out the diagnoses had been IBS – and that somehow that message had slipped through the cracks? (gah people sometimes!) Since then I have lived with the condition, knowing little about it and believing that perhaps I was just to suffer my whole life through. As more research emerged however and scientists came up with the low Fodmap diet (I think in 2010 or something?) I saw a small light at the end of the tunnel. The low fodmap diet brought me a new lease on life I hadn’t had in years (my gut was so bad that I thought I must have had cancer). Even though the fodmap diet saved me, I have come to know it as only a band-aid, a cover for the real problem of having gut issues. And I’m taking the steps to fix myself.

Taking my own health into my hands has helped me more than a doctor ever has (in terms of gut issues) and I’ve empowered myself with knowledge. The feeling of hope and of having control of your life is something integral to a happy existence and I believe everyone deserves that. We are all responsible for our own bodies and our own health and being informed about how/why/what it does is OUR job! Just because people in ‘authority’ ie dieticians, doctors, specialists, the government says something is a certain way, doesn’t necessarily mean it is! If something doesn’t sit right with you, if you don’t get answers, go and find them! They are out there! And its YOUR body after all, not anyone else’s, so take the reigns and ride that pony to amazing health!

Good Poops?

Whilst your riding that metaphorical pony to good health, let’s chat about POOP for a few minutes. Yes I know the horrid ol shit. No one likes to talk about their poop or that it smells, but poop is an amazing indicator of what is going on in your body! Through the years (and through suffering from IBS) getting to know my poop intimately has helped me to determine what I am doing ‘right’ when it comes to eating and what I’m not doing so good at…You know when you’ve had a good poop or not (if you don’t know then let me know and I shall write you an article! Don’t be shy, I like talking about poop and helping people broaden their pool of knowledge! – on poop haha)


Now what has helped for my IBS and for good pooping (apart from a healthy diet and being low fodmap) is exercise and plenty of water. Nothing like getting the bowels going! This workout by the AMAZEBALLS Adriene really got my heart rate pumping and I’m sure will result in a nice poop in the morning (HAHA – I’ll let ya know). As she says in the video, this sequence really does help the digestive tract – to massage the internal organs! I’m trying to do her digestive health sequence as often as possible – not only is it good for the guts, it’s also a great wake-up for the body and a positive start for the day.

Check out this great yoga fun timeness movement thang: (I was trying to not use the word ‘workout’ cause it makes it sound like work…)

Yoga with Adriene

GAH its late again! NIGHT NIGHT!

seeforevergirl x


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