Donut Health?

Raw Donuts of Health?

Today I am eating a DONUT, it is ‘raw’ and so far it tastes pretty good. I’m not really sure what’s in it (and nor do the people selling them :S) but there is a strong taste of banana. I decided to check out the Raw Juicery today on Adelaide st, after drooling over their Instagram posts of donuts last night. What gets me about ‘health’ stores is labels. It’s as if once we label something as ‘healthy’ it turns into a vegetable that everyone can just eat all the time – no matter how processed or packaged it is and ultimately quite unhealthy. It kind of reminds me of those funny vintage posters advertising miracle cures from coca-cola consumption….


We may laugh at those silly posters from yesteryear but we’re no different as consumers today. Maybe advertising isn’t quite as blase’ as it was then (though in some respects it is) but ultimately we are being told the same lies, just with flashier pictures and ‘medically’ approved labels. Gold star this and health tick that, we don’t often look under the surface. In our hurried lives we seem to only skim read and if something even hints at being ‘healthy’ we are on the band wagon.
So you’re one of THOOOSEE people…

Instagram is another phenomenon that has the uncanny ability to make things appear better then they actually are. We can filter pictures, shoot at pleasing angles and hashtag the crap out of the picture with positive terms such as #paleo #healthyfood #sugarfree #guiltfree etc etc. It’s just another great marketing tool to sell a product and to put it in the best possible light. Now I love Instagram (a recent convert myself) and my family can attest that I’ve been taking pictures of food with actual cameras (that weren’t phones and cheese graters and clocks and games…) since I could take use a camera! And I’ve always loved food.  So it would only be natural for me to use Instagram and FINALLY have a place to put all my snaps of food! (YAY!)


But Instagram can make the food look pretty, healthy and generally awesome (and people too!) without it actually being any of those things. My point is that just because something appears to be ‘healthy’ or ‘amazing’ doesn’t actually mean it is…which brings me back to the current health craze of ‘raw’ – ‘fresh’ – ‘gluten free’ – ‘sugar free’ cafe’s and food products that have become so popular with us humans. Don’t always trust the labels! Not all sugars are equal, nor are they all labelled as ‘sugar’. So when something says its ‘sugar-free’ its a bit of a marketing ploy…it seems to all come down to the simple sugars contained within traditional table sugar – and how these react in your body. I know the body uses these two sugars in different ways…but I can’t remember scientifically exactly how right now, BUT for more reading on le sugar, and much more in-depth knowledge check these out:

I Quit Sugar – Le sugar

To Feast or Not to Feast?

I Luuurve going out to a cafe, ordering a nice warm comforting cup of coffee (yes I’m still drinking it haha) and a good ol slice of ‘gluten/sugar/everything bad not contained within this product’ slice of some sort. Of course as I shove the raw caramel slice or in this case donut into my mouth I know very well it’s not really ‘free’ of all the nasty things out there in the world. My tasty treat is filled with dates, maple syrup and who knows what other concoctions of ‘sugar-free’ replacers out there. So really, I’m still eating sugar and probably too much of it.


It comes down to convenience, a nice pleasant outing, a comforting feeling and sometimes emotional eating. I think I’m going to try to make my own treats from now on and eat them instead…but its more then just the treat itself, its the whole ‘cafe’ experience, I like it. I like getting out and about, treating myself to something special. Its kinda cool when someone else makes your food for you, its a break. The thing with these ‘healthy’ alternatives is they can contain the same amount of sugar as any other ‘treat’ and unlike a Mars bar where you can read just how much sugar is contained on the label, these treats are often hand-crafted and they have no ingredients listed, let alone how much sugar it contains. My best bet would be to find a place that sells treats that clearly display ingredients and the amounts of each…. I just wouldn’t know where to find such a place?

For now I shall be making my own chocolate and yummy things! Might begin this weekend. This looks good!


What do you guys think? Is a shop bought ‘healthy’ treat ok every now and then?

seeforevergirl x


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