Sleep – that much neglected BEST friend

Short Term Memory Loss – ie Brain farts

~Fart Number one

Yesterday I locked my keys in the car twice, once whilst buying a delicious beef broth * short rant *  I had been thinking about this beef broth ALL MORNING and even imagined myself walking up the counter and uttering the magical words ‘beef broth please’ and lo and behold when I got to the counter the words were not even IN my vocabulary! I stuttered and stammered until all I could spit out was ‘sooup….meat thing?’ like some kind of floundering idiot! Luckily the waiter was super patient and probably thought I had had a really REALLY rough night :S Also this broth is SO DAMN GOOD, if this place was closer to where I lived I would buy it instead of coffee every single day! * Rant over and out! *

~Fart Number Two

The second time I locked my keys in the car was at a petrol station – at which I then also forgot to screw the cap back in the petrol hole thingie (fart three)…I was so very tired. I attempted to write last night about the importance of sleep (yes quite a hypocritical attempt, though I admit I suck at my sleeping habits and have for many many years – thus I wanted to focus on it!) but found it difficult to write anything – cause I was too tired. I was also severely blocked up by avocados. IBS is a freaking biatch. Less then 1.5 avocados in 3-4 days and my stomach was as hard as a rock, which means I couldn’t poop, which means all that stuff was just sitting in there and the toxins were seeping into my bloodstream…Oh the joys of bad gut bacteria. But this too did pass…(pun intended) thanks be to the bowel stimulating values of coffee!


Bad Sleep Adds Up

So last night I passed out in bed at about 8pm – falling asleep after reading numerous more articles on health at about 10pm. I awoke this morning and was feeling quite vibrant after 9 or so hours of sleep! (shock horror, a bedtime of 10pm? Will this stick?) I had been waking every hour from 4am however for some reason so my sleep wasn’t 100%. I’m not sure if that is why from about midday onwards today I was again very tired (mentally – extreme head fog, blurry thick eyes etc). Or the fact that I am again trying to make a concerted effort to minimise my carbs to 50-60grams per day.

Regardless I hope to get a good nights sleep tonight and see how I feel in the morning.


How Good is this Sleep Thang? It’s been so long…

We all know we need sleep to help heal and re-energise the body from its daily tasks, but did you know that missing out on quality shut eye can have dire health consequences? DIRE I TELL YOU DIRE! (not like the wolf, but I think that is spelt differently…anyway!) I did…kinda…these things are usually in the back of my mind, along with all the other things I have picked up in my twenty-six years of life, but kinda tend to not remember (which is a symptom of sleep deprivation!) so a good refresher is always welcome!


Refresh This!

I can’t write it better then Mark has so check out this article for the full scoop on sleep and just how much we REALLY need it!

… Still not tempted to click the link – well did you know that you will die first of sleep deprivation then of starvation? Only one of the little gems in this article so please read! (yes DIIIEEE)

Crash Course According to Moah

Here’s a short refresher of the points I think are most important to remember and also in my best layman terminology! Cause really what the hell does ‘endocrine’ mean to the average Sally and Bob McCappuccino? Nothing I tell you NOTHING! (and I had to googled it so yeh)

The Good stuff On getting GOOD Sleep! (and puppies randomly!)


1. You need sleep to live! Its essential for our ‘basic physiological operations’. And if your basics aren’t functioning well, then my friend the rest of you won’t either! –
What are the basics?

*Neurological performance – the way our nerves and nervous system performs
*Endocrine balance – in a nutshell – “The endocrine system includes the areas in the body that regulate and produce hormones” – SOOO if you want your hormones to not be ‘crazy’ and all ‘hormonal’ get good sleep youle! (read more here.)


*Immune system functioning – if you don’t know what your IMMUNE system is then…well, WELL…back to school deary! Otherwise your immune system is a biological structure (with more complicated stuff I can’t be bothered to write in) that protects you against disease. So if you don’t want to get sick, sleep!
*Musculoskeletal growth and repair – pretty much your muscles and skeleton and all the bits and bobs that make that work!

2. A full nights sleep makes you:
Remember things better (like NOT locking your keys in the car twice!)
Increases your creative problem solving skills
Helps you see the positive in interactions with others
Boosts your athletic performance – speed, accuracy, mood and overall energy! (all this taken from Mark’s blog)
3. Your immune system is most active when you sleep! – so now it really hits home as to why I get ‘flu like’ symptoms WAY too often! A lack of good quality sleep!
4. Solid sleep makes you more resilient to daily stress

The Bad stuff On getting BAD sleep! (and kitties!)

You get ugly and fat. End of story. I’m kidding! Kinda?

1. Even missing ONE HOUR of good sleep takes its toll.
2. “If you continue down the path of scarcity, you build up what experts call a sleep debt – one that the body tries desperately to repay” (MDA)
3. In the Short term you sacrifice abilities in – short-term memory and working memory
Long term – generation of nerve cells are impaired (eek!? These are important)
4. INCREASES the risk of depression and can aggravate pre-existing psychological illnesses! (WOW, that’s scary!)
5. It makes us waaaay more emotional and irrational and can make us more unsatisfied with our ‘primary relationships’
75449-home-pets-angry-cat-ready-for-fight “Did you just call me fat?!”

6. “A single night of sleep loss increases systemic inflammation, and impairs the body’s ability to handle the kind of moderate oxidative stress we deal with every day” (MDA)
7. You put a strain on your neurological and cardiovascular system – skipped sleep leads to brain shrinkage! (YIKES!)
8. Heart, kidney’s and blood pressure suffer
9. You put yourself at risk to many lifestyle diseases including obesity and diabetes

10. Partial sleep deprivation/disruption has been linked to increased mortality risk! ie you die easier!

Again don’t just take my word for it – read the article linked MANY times above and click the links on that blog for further deeeeper study into this amazing thing we call SLEEP.

Remember also if you exercise quite a lot, you really need a good nights rest (continually!) to repair your body. Oxidative stress occurs more when you exercise (especially the way we are urged to by the ‘fitness industry’ – chronic cardio) so its really important to take extra good care of yourself or risk injuries and greater health complications.


I go Koo-Koo

I personally have deduced that when I am sleep deprived I get – symptoms of the cold/flu (often severe!) sore joints (starting with the ankles usually), I am over emotional, negative, depressed, irrational (I tend to self-critice to the extreme and turn into my own personal bully), I have sever memory loss, my reasoning capabilities are lowered considerably and I take greater risks in traffic! (YUP I turn into a ‘not-so-careful-driver :S) Plus I go crazy and just eat whatever! (usually lots of nuts/coconut cream/cheesssseee!)



Well if I haven’t spelled it out already I now shall – GET GOOD SLEEP.

I have certainly learnt (though somewhat begrudgingly as I didn’t feel particularly passionate about writing about this tonight, but when I got into it though, try and stop me!) that sleep is not just another thing that we kinda-maybe-should-get-every-now-and-then-averagly, its what I now shall deem as one of the MOST important aspects of GOOD HEALTH! (wow I’m just all over these capital letters – it’s just showing my passion for the topic!)

I concentrate a lot on healthy eating and exercise whilst neglecting other major – if not more important factors like healthy sleep. For indeed if you sleep well, you will make better decisions when it comes to what you put in your mouth and how you choose to shake your boot-ay. If you don’t sleep well, you will probably make bad decisions ie eat unhealthily, skip exercise to sit on the couch and generally just have a crappy time.
ANT8818LLL – ie having a crappy time

SO I’m going to make a concerted effort this week to focus on getting GOOD SLEEP! I hope you do too if it is lacking in your life.

Thanks for reading and good night to you all! (EEK it’s still before 12am, I CAN DO THIS!)


seeforevergirl x

P50gS me


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