Why do you do what you do?

I’m sitting here on my verandah watching the sun slowly sink behind striped fluffy clouds. Life is, life is weird, its not what you think its going to be. It’s like a myriad of pictures, experiences, paintings, emotions, a million taste buds, trillions of nerves. It really is inexplainable and everyones perception and journey of it unique. No one sees the world as you see it, be that a blessing or a curse. In the end no matter what people tell you or what you may read or think, its a journey you alone can travel on, no one can take your steps for you , in the end its your decision what you do with your life – and if you think it isn’t or feel it isn’t then do something about it.

Its true and unfortunate that often we are at the mercy of others; an angry driver, an irritable co-worker, the person walking in-front of you smoking – worse things – a deranged man with a gun, a government that kills its people, an abusive partner, a freak accident. Some things are within our control and yet others are not. But no matter what you still have decisions to make, even in those good and bad ‘out of your hands’ type of situations. It’s perhaps these times that we are truly tested as human beings, our resilience, our reason for getting up out of bed every morning – why do you DO what YOU DO?

This week I received some brilliant news in regards to my career as an actor. News that made me cry from happiness and excitement, but as the shock and glee wore off the dust settled and I began to look at my life in a different kind of way. DO YOU REALLY WANT THIS? It’s such a serious thing to ask yourself. From struggling, climbing, fighting and working so hard to reach this at times seemingly impossible goal – now that I had an amazing opportunity right in front of me that could really advance me – did I really want it? Often we’re on this treadmill just running our arses off and we don’t stop to breath, look around and really consider if we’re running in the right direction. Maybe we’ve forgotten why we began to run in the first place? Has that motivation which charged you full of power and determination in the beginning now changed? If I don’t run for _this reason_ anymore, what reason DO I run for? Motivations, ideas change, WE change, this changes our course in life – or at least it should.

Upon further consideration I decided that YES I DO want this, but that I was ultimately afraid. Fear is such an interesting emotion, debilitating at times, most helpful at others. Perhaps it’s not as much fear as doubt, doubting my abilities. Doubting myself.

doubt-kills-more-dreams-than-failure-ever-will-916544 I know I’ve got this in one of my other posts before but its SO powerful and true.

Doubt is one of the most destructive forms of thought (I believe) when it comes to how you see yourself. I know so many talented people who doubt themselves, doubt this intrinsic amazing gift they have, compare it to everyone else and decides that they just don’t cut it. The world will now miss their shine, their glitter, their amazing gift because they doubted. Maybe it is selfish to doubt yourself and your abilities. Perhaps you are robbing people of your gifts? Yeh that might sounds stuck-up and obnoxious, but imagine all the great thinkers (that we and history know of and have publicised) – imagine a world without their input? I believe the world would have been a very boring place without the mind of Van Gogh, without his raw expressions through art, without the writings of Shakespeare, without those men and women who believed that the impossible was possible, who did what had to be done to bring their dreams to fruition. A life without that would be, safe, conventional, dull…do you want DULL? I don’t want dull!

When it comes right down to it, I believe we all have a responsibility to use our talents and gifts, to cultivate them, grow and nurture them to bring about amazing things into this world! To help others, bring joy into their lives, entertain them, make them think, little by little influence and shape those whom we come in contact with into the most amazing versions of themselves. And in doing so, we will also become the best versions of ourselves. How powerful is that? Now if you ignore your gifts, hide them away, who are you helping? Certainly not yourself. You will probably end up with a job you hate, living a life you despise because you played it ‘safe’ and helping no-one.

So don’t play it safe! Follow your heart and let your talents and gifts guide you to a life of amazing, grand adventures, with a deep and beautiful reason for doing what you do.

seeforevergirl x


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