Better late then never?

I haven’t written on this blog in (checks) SEVEN MONTHS?! ISH! I neglected it because I have so many other balls in the air and I guess something has to drop. Also I felt I had to focus on my ‘job’ and I viewed this blog as something separate from that, perhaps a more personal, expressive view, idealistically hoping that this ‘secrete’ expression was away from the eyes of those who know me (but I dont think it is…will have to check!)

Regardless, I have another blog (which is more like a promo-website for my artistic work – but which I also blog on every now and then) aaand then this blog, as well as casual work (non artistic :() and other job related commitments. I guess I began this blog as a way of sharing my health journey or my general ‘I’m doing life journey’ with people…or just to write…honestly I cant really remember 100% why I started it! But I feel I should keep at it more often.

It’s odd though, how the need to write and express can be suppressed and curtailed to suit the ‘entertainment’ or ‘educational’ needs of others. For instance, moments before I began writing this blog I thought “Oh I really need to write!”. I’ve had a lot on my mind lately and I find writing it all down helps me get it off my chest,  helps me express, find my voice. But now here I am, not wanting to share any of those thoughts with you because they are ‘too personal’ or ‘too invasive’. I wish I could blabber it all to the world, but I forget THE WORLD can read this blog and really a journal is just that – a journal, a personal expression on paper through words meant for the writers eye’s only as a means of a sounding board.

So on that note, I am to journal now! And wish you a happy new year and hopefully more blogs here.



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