Different Eyes


When you’re a tourist you see things with different eyes. The city, the smells, food, your hotel or accommodation, rusty edges on trains can seem rustic instead of old and overused, noisy neighbours delight you instead of repel because they’re yelling in Spanish and it all seems so colourful and entertaining. Being a tourist is wearing different glasses, seeing the world afresh, anew, like a newborn babe. It’s a different sort of reality. Is it reality? Well I shan’t get all philosophical right now.

I want to relate this tourist experience with dreams. Passions. Things we wish to pursue in our lives. From the outset they may seem like the salvation we need. The thing that will make us happy at long last. We may be envious of people that have achieved similar things to what we want, envious of their supposed ‘happy and successful’ lives. How fun it must be to be them. But pursuing your dreams and passions is one hard cookie to eat. You need a whole lot of hot tea and chewing to get it down. To even set it on your tongue.

The thing I have realised about pursuing my dreams is that it’s no fairytale. Yes it has fairytale moments don’t get me wrong, but it also has many, many annoying, day to day crap, just like every other job. The thing is happiness is not something that can be attained forever. It is an emotion and emotions come and go. Five minutes ago I was nearly crying and now I’m writing up a blog and chatting to people that pass by. The thing I wish for in my pursuit of my dreams is fulfilment, some joy yes, but in the end knowing that I am using my talents to bring good into the world. The only way to really know if your dream is for you is to pursue it and no longer be a tourist in a fairytale world, but really put one foot in front of the other and see where it takes you.




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