Inhospitable Landscapes


It’s strange to think that plants, animals and people can live in what any rational mind would deem an inhospitable environment. From treacherous mountains with sheer cliff faces which offer little foothold, to dense and unforgiving wild forests, to ice covered lands that seem to expand beyond the horizon. The world has many harsh environments that somehow something, has been able to survive within. Penguins. Polar bears. Wolves. The ice and relentless snow their companions. Giant ants claim their territory in wild forests and goats jump merrily on sheer cliff faces.

It always astounds me that animals seem to ‘fit’ in wherever they are. It amuses me more so then that as humans, we often make our own environments ‘inhospitable’ – or at least extremely unpleasant to live within. Think of cities. Congestion. Traffic jams. Pollution. Noise. I cant walk down the street without bumping into someone. We complain yet continue to live in this way. We also create unpleasant realities for ourselves within our own relationships. We might be friends with people who don’t really care for us, may date someone that we tolerate instead of adore or have troubles with our families we refuse to address. We may engage in work we find unfulfilling, overly stressful or mind numbing. Yet, often, we are the ones that have brought ourselves into these situations and then think there is no way to escape.

You can’t choose your family, but you can choose to try to solve the problems.

You can actually make the effort of getting to know people who are more caring, considerate and enjoyable to be around then you’re current ‘comfortable’ friendship group.

You can refuse to settle for mediocrity in your romantic life and accept that some alone time may be necessary for personal development and honing in of what you really want, deserve and can attain.

You can quit your job and go pursue your passion. Or at least work less hours and do more of what you really love.

Life is so short. We create inhospitable environments inside our minds too. Constrictions of “I can’t” or “I’m not good enough” or “It’s too hard”. Misconceptions of what we are really capable of. Thankfully I know that life can survive and even thrive in these kinds of environments despite the odds. I’m saying that sometimes you need to live in the blizzard, the desert, the dark and dangerous woods to be able to carve your own path, know yourself, grow stronger and eventually make your way to greener pastures.

Whenever I think that my life sucks, or I hate the way it is going, or I don’t know what I’m doing with it, I like to remember (when I can!) that my choices have led me to where I am today and so my choices for today will lead me to where I will go tomorrow. That’s why it’s really important to be present to the moment and also to what you want for your future in order to make the decisions in the moment, small baby steps at a time, that will lead you to where you wish to go in the future.

So next time you look around and you realise you’re stuck in a desert with no food, water or help available (I hope metaphorically stuck!) you will look down to see the small, hardy desert flower bloom in striking pink and remember that you can survive this time in your life, grow stronger, smarter and bolder in making your choices to lead you out of the parched, sunburnt land into the lush rain forests of tomorrow.




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