Dance Upon This Monument


To quench a thirst that cannot be filled
An unknowing call into the woods
Where the sparrows darts from branch to branch
And the lion roars at the flicker of light in the distance of night

And the call of your name sends my thoughts into wonder
When the nightingale’s song inspires the troops to march asunder
Chests tall and proud, feathers splayed in the sunlight
Swords glisten and clash, scarlet drops rain the air
Men howl as wolves, flesh torn and battered
In their eyes the story lies of the wars never won
Though their medals shine proudly
A deathbed inhabits the mind
Till a liquid salve binds them to a past in their present

Pray dance upon this monument
In this great uplifted place
Set your feet upon these stones
Turn your face towards the heavens
Breath in the silken white of the dew of the morning
Inhale the delights of these snow capped giants

Reckless, O love, be reckless as a babe
Wrestle, my love, with these conjuring thoughts
No pretence shall hide my face behind a silken veil
No untruth shall be spoken
No words from false gods shall part my lips
Only your cherishing brow shall light mine eyes
Only your touch will inspire these wild dances

Live as a servant to your people, to your tribe
Stand proud of your being
Full of bright white light.




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