Set Your Sails

Shared Journeys

Since leaving home when I was eighteen I’ve been more aware of the fact that I’m alone. With no family unit surrounding me, loneliness becomes more of a companion then a random straggler as before. Of course I experienced loneliness growing up, we all do, but now out in the big wide world with only me, myself and I to lean on, it becomes more apparent. The thing about life however, is that we aren’t all alone, I’m not 100% alone. We share our lives with everyone around us. Although I am the only person who can make myself get out of bed in the morning and push myself to achieve my dreams, it is not a solitary effort.

We may see people out there in the spotlight who have achieved great things and see only them as the individual, put we forget that individuals are formed by those around them. I wouldn’t be where I am right now if it wasn’t for my parents support, my upbringing, their kindness. I wouldn’t be studying at the most amazing school if it wasn’t for someone being inspired, taking action and opening the school. Ultimately we are the navigators of our lives, but the boat that safely carries us are our friends, family, teachers and colleagues, the sea that surges and supports, that challenges us with sprays of cold saltwater and strikingly beautiful mirrored stars at night is the world we live in. The world isn’t always kind, wonderful or fair, it is challenging, hard and dangerous, but when we stand on the shoulders of those who came before us and hold onto the hands of those we hold dear we can give all of ourselves to our dreams and fully invest in being the best we can be.

No matter if you feel alone, think no one cares, or think that it’s only YOU and YOU alone you can lean on, remember that you are literally and figuratively not alone. Yes you can lean on yourself, but that doesn’t mean you cant lean on others – even when they disappoint you, for when haven’t you disappointed someone or yourself? In any case, we all lean and rely on each other to survive. You rely on the shops to sell food, for your landlord to let you lease an apartment, for the train to take you to your destination – all of these things are powered by people. You can’t be an island, no matter how hard you try (unless you literally go live on an island all by yourself, cause then, well I guess you could be all alone – but still have to rely on nature to survive! So in some ways not solitary at all)

Even if you are the most reclusive person in the world, I bet you there is still someone out there who cares about you!

You are in a long line of ancestors who came before you, who survived, who lived, who created, it is in your blood to thrive and survive. You stand on the shoulders of giants!

So really, when I think about it, even though I feel quite alone in most of my journeys, I share it with others through their support, love, care and attention – even if from afar. I do look forward however to being able to share more of my journey with someone special!






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