The Secrets We Keep

Loneliness. A phenomenon known the world over. It’s inescapable and prevalent. Like a disease. A disease of disconnect. Though we have all the modes of communication available to us (apparently) now in the 21st Century of being switched on 24/7 people, me, still suffer from loneliness. Feelings of inadequacy, being a ‘loner’, not fitting in. […]

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Set Your Sails

Shared Journeys Since leaving home when I was eighteen I’ve been more aware of the fact that I’m alone. With no family unit surrounding me, loneliness becomes more of a companion then a random straggler as before. Of course I experienced loneliness growing up, we all do, but now out in the big wide world […]

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Dance Upon This Monument

Depth To quench a thirst that cannot be filled An unknowing call into the woods Where the sparrows darts from branch to branch And the lion roars at the flicker of light in the distance of night And the call of your name sends my thoughts into wonder When the nightingale’s song inspires the troops […]

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You’re Asleep

Frail Feeling like you’re going to fly or die or fall asleep Between the tide and sand and heat of yesterday Giving more then you can take Taking all that you have In that one name that you call up to when it’s your turn to shine And though I tell the story And though […]

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Inhospitable Landscapes

Desert It’s strange to think that plants, animals and people can live in what any rational mind would deem an inhospitable environment. From treacherous mountains with sheer cliff faces which offer little foothold, to dense and unforgiving wild forests, to ice covered lands that seem to expand beyond the horizon. The world has many harsh […]

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Irridescent Feathers

Pleasure Sometimes life is just so confusing…oh no wait, life is like this all the time. Confusing. Stressful. Crap. Two days ago I was having a bit of meltdown, as one does, and was thinking of quitting something I really love. Why? Probably depression, anxiety, not doing the actual thing I love and getting in […]

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Different Eyes

Tourist When you’re a tourist you see things with different eyes. The city, the smells, food, your hotel or accommodation, rusty edges on trains can seem rustic instead of old and overused, noisy neighbours delight you instead of repel because they’re yelling in Spanish and it all seems so colourful and entertaining. Being a tourist is wearing different […]

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