Irridescent Feathers

Pleasure Sometimes life is just so confusing…oh no wait, life is like this all the time. Confusing. Stressful. Crap. Two days ago I was having a bit of meltdown, as one does, and was thinking of quitting something I really love. Why? Probably depression, anxiety, not doing the actual thing I love and getting in […]

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Different Eyes

Tourist When you’re a tourist you see things with different eyes. The city, the smells, food, your hotel or accommodation, rusty edges on trains can seem rustic instead of old and overused, noisy neighbours delight you instead of repel because they’re yelling in Spanish and it all seems so colourful and entertaining. Being a tourist is wearing different […]

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Dat-ing: “That Thing”

A song comes to mind now when I think of dating. Probably because I listened to it yesterday and then went on a date, where a series of events happened that made me realise I am not the average girl/woman/lady-person and that there are SO many aspects and facets of me, that I hardly know […]

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Better late then never?

I haven’t written on this blog in (checks) SEVEN MONTHS?! ISH! I neglected it because I have so many other balls in the air and I guess something has to drop. Also I felt I had to focus on my ‘job’ and I viewed this blog as something separate from that, perhaps a more personal, expressive view, […]

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Why do you do what you do?

I’m sitting here on my verandah watching the sun slowly sink behind striped fluffy clouds. Life is, life is weird, its not what you think its going to be. It’s like a myriad of pictures, experiences, paintings, emotions, a million taste buds, trillions of nerves. It really is inexplainable and everyones perception and journey of […]

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Oh balls!

Le Farm? I visited a ‘farm’ on the weekend near Byron Bay, which I actually thought was a farm…it was probably due to the fact that its called ‘The Farm at Byron Bay’ haha. Also Instagram pictures lead me to believe (with the help of my imagination) that it was an expansive, lush, quiet, FARM. […]

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